Navigation Tips & Hints

Viewing: Any of the below options can be used to view the virtual tours.

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Cell Phone
  • Virtual Reality Devices

Moving: You will see white circles on the floor of each room you are in.
Click on these circles to navigate your way through the room and house.

Matterport Item Tags: As you navigate through the tour, you will notice small circular tags poking out from objects, artifacts and people. By selecting these tags, you will be able to access more in depth information regarding the object, artifact or person.

  • Red Tags: Introduction to the room you are viewing
  • Orange Tags: Audio/ visual component for the room you are viewing
  • Blue Tags: Information regarding the object or artifact associated with the tag.

The Mansfield Historical Society created a tour to allow you to vitually visit the Fisher Richardson House.. We teamed up with Mass 3D Spaces  to create the tour.
Start your tour by clicking on the image below.

Fisher-Richardson House-1280

Virtual 3D Tour

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