“Mansfield Memories”

Mansfield Memories is a series by Kevin McNatt and Andrew Todesco. 
Published in the Mansfield News and Journal-News Independent.
 It offers a look at Mansfield history with a focus on the last 150 years.
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Do You Know Your Neighborhoods
Three Old Neighborhoods: Robinsonville, Whiteville and Sodom,
The Spanish Influenza Struck Mansfield during World War 1
Pair pulls off Wild West style holdups in 1916,
Mansfield's Major Leaguer:  Walt Ripley
Saying Goodbye to Sannie’s  Again,
When Geese Paraded through the Streets
The Many Names of Route 106,
More than four corners in old town
Why the Tow’s  Fire Engines Aren’t White
The Town’s Revere Bell finds a New Home
Frank Cervelli set a Flagpole-Sitting Record
The Day Charles Lindbergh fooled Mansfield
Mansfield’s Big Dig: The Underpass Project, Part 1
Mansfield’s Big Dig: The Underpass Project, Part 2
Mansfield’s Big Dig: The Underpass Project, Part 3
Mansfield’s Big Dig: The Underpass Project, Part 4
The Day JFK Visited Mansfield
Goodspeed and a Safe Return The Life of S. Crocker Lovell
Canoe River Golf Club
Mansfield Town Hall, Part 1:  The Meetinghouse was center of civic, religious life
Mansfield Town Hall, Part 2:  The March of Public Improvement -The Town Hall of 1882
Mansfield Town Hall, Part 3:  A Dream Come True - The Town Hall on West Street
Mansfield Town Hall, Part 4:  Beauty and Strength- Town Hall at Park Row
Plenty of Guts: Mansfield v Foxborough
No Gamer Bunch of Boys:  100 Years of Mansfield Football
Ice Harvesting
Fulton’s history as a little downtown mill pond
A Fine Appearance, Buffalo Soldiers Come to Town
The Pure Force of Logic: Calvin Coolidge Comes to Town
Women’s Suffrage, Part 1, (A question of right - the suffrage movement)
Women’s Suffrage, Part 2, (Suffragist speakers bring cause of women’s rights to town)
Women’s Suffrage, Part 3, (683 Mansfield women voted in the first presidential election after the 19th amendment passed)
History behind the Old Town Hall Clock
Farmers and Geese: Fine Art at the Post Office
Barry Goldwater uses Mansfield Airport
The Mini Golf Craze of 1931
Athletic Fields of Mansfield, Part 1: Branch Street grounds home to town’s early athletic contests
Athetic Fields of Mansfield, Part 2: Lowney field was place for baseball in early 1900s
Athetic Fields of Mansfield, Part 3: Fuller Field hosted Mansfield High’s first official home football game in 1919
Athetic Fields of Mansfield, Part 4: Card’s Field hosted countless sporting events for three decades
Memorial Park dedicated to war veterans , (Part 1 of 2)
Park’s evidence of gratitude of Mansfield for those who were willing to meet supreme sacrifice in defense of our country (Part 2 of 2)
The governor and the earl - How Mansfield got its name
The telephone comes to Mansfield
Send All You’ve Got - Mansfield Town Hall fire of December 1970 (Part 1 of 2)
 Blaze leaves Mansfield town hall in ruins. (Part 2 of 2)
The polio vaccine comes to Mansfield (Part 1 of 2)
Mansfield residents line up for polio vaccine in 1956 (Part 2 of 2)
Town Farm created as place for poor, sick, elderly, tramps and other unfortunates(Part 1 of 2
Jackson, Robinson schools built on former Mansfield Town Farm (Part 2 of 2))
Mansfield and 5th Regiment Massachusetts Colored Volunteer Cavalry
Mansfield man guided first ship through Panama Canal
Did you know your elected officials’ duties once included perambulating
Gooseberry Pie for All!
An old-time Fourth of July of fireworks and horse-drawn floats in Mansfield
Car dealerships thrived in 1950s Mansfield
Mansfield’s first car owners recall the early days of automobiles
Take a trip down Route 140 in Mansfield
Countess from Mansfield aided French Resistance in WWII
Boston Tigers, New England - Top African-American baseball team, met Mansfield team on diamond in 1927


Mansfield Memories

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